I found this really cool tool called If you’ve ever sent out a JibJab card during the holidays, it’s pretty similar to this. (Except they don’t do cool dances with catchy Christmas music in the background. Also, did I mention it’s FREE?) Basically, you can upload any image, outline the mouth, record your voice and then have it talk back to you! Pretty cool, huh?

I made a Marie Antoinette blabber to demonstrate this.

I think this would be a fun project for any class, not just history.
If I were to use this in an ELA class, I’d have students choose a character from a book they’ve read, write a script and have their character recite it using the student’s voice. For example, they could write a small script about what the character was thinking when certain events happened within the story.


2 thoughts on “Blabberize!

  1. That’s so cool! I’d love to see what all you can do with this! I’ve seen jib jab, but never relating it back to something educational. This absolutely looks like something I could use in my future classroom!


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