Pokémon Go’s Halloween Event!

Today is the start of Pokémon Go’s Halloween Event!

Pokémon Go celebrates Halloween.

So what does that mean for all you Pokémon trainers out there? It means you’re gonna get bombarded with ghost-type Pokémon from now until November 1st. And keeping with the Halloween tradition, you’ll also receive double candy for every Pokemon you catch, as well as double candy for your “buddy” Pokemon.

This morning, iTechPost released an article stating that among the ghost-types, a plethora of other dark Pokemon have significantly higher spawn rates as well. Among these Pokemon are the illusive Shellder and Cloyster which have previously had a spawn rate of close to 0%.

Some people believe that the event is a way to get people back to playing the Pokemon Go app. According to The Guardian, the number of players has dropped from 50 million to only 30 million! They claim that this event is trying to entice players back.

As for us loyal players, the Halloween event is more than enough incentive to keep on playing!



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