About Me

My name is Chelsea Fleming. I am an English Language Arts major at the University of Central Florida.

I moved to Florida about three years ago from Buffalo, NY where I had spent my entire life. I went to West Seneca East High School and from there I went to Erie Community College. I had many teachers that influenced my love of reading and writing. In high school, my teachers nourished my love of writing, and in college, it flourished when I produced my first published short story.

My favorite kind of stories are fantasies and mysteries. I also love reading comic books (and Japanese manga).


Reading an anthology of Batman comics (1930s-70s) with my cat.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Chelsea- I think you can change some of the settings to make your name rather than your email show up. Where did you get your short story published? How have you transitioned to having now seasons?


    • It was originally published on ECC’s website by the head of the English dept there but I never got to see it. So I decided to use an online publishing site called BookTango. It’s on amazon and a few other websites now. I also really miss having seasons. I miss watching the leaves turn color and the snow. That was probably the best part of living in Buffalo.


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