How can Close Reading be taught through Technology?

How can close reading be taught through technology?

Hicks, T. (n.d.). Actually Achieving Close Reading With Digital Tools.

Retrieved June 06, 2016, from


This article explains that although many teens own computers, phones or tablets, they don’t use these digital devices for reading. In fact, only 7% of students read using technology. The article goes on to list a number of different strategies students can use with technology to enhance their close reading. For example, students can take snapshots of the text and use software such as snagit or skitch to annotate directly onto their screens. Students can also share their findings through social networking and follow blogs about books or subjects that interest them for further reading.

It is important to note that there are multiple ways for students to use technology with close reading. Many people believe that close reading can only be taught through a physical book. This article goes through so many ways that students can take notes, annotate, and share their research through technology.


L, C. (2015, August 24). 5 Strategies for Teaching Close Reading with Tech.

Retrieved June 06, 2016, from


This article goes through many of the same strategies as the first article such as annotating and writing in the margins, however it uses different digital tools to do it. This article states that you can use GoogleDocs, Read and Write for Google (a google extension) and another app called Actively Learn which uses annotation tools and large margins for notes. It also says that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has close reading apps for secondary grades. Not only does this article provide a variety of digital tools for students to use, it also lists other techniques for close reading such as modeling, annotating, taking notes, collaborating, and close reading across curriculums.

Close reading is a useful skill that can be applied across subjects and used in a variety of ways. There are a plethora of apps and tools that can help students achieve effective close reading. I think it is important for teachers to not only use traditional methods of close reading (such as modeling and collaboration with peers) but to incorporate technology with these methods.


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